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Events management: looking ahead to 2023

Events management: looking ahead to 2023

The team look forward to a bumper year, with a new team and jam-packed calendar of academic conferences and events.

Bookings for 2023 have sky-rocketed – and that means our events management team is growing!

Just three weeks into the new year, the team already have 10 confirmed events in the pipeline. This includes the NHS’s Health and Care Analytics Conference later this summer at the University’s Medical School, which is expected to host over 500 delegates, both in-person and virtually. All aspects of this event will be managed by the team, working in collaboration with the committee.

As the event portfolio grows, so has the opportunity for the team to expand. Existing event coordinator, Lauren Venables, has just been promoted to event manager, a new role for the team. Lauren will report to Deputy Head of Conference and Events Management, Louise Walczak, and manage a new team of event coordinators.

Image of events manager
Lauren Venables recently promoted to Event Manager.

Lauren was delighted by the opportunity: “I’m so excited to step into this new role as I have a number of innovative ideas that I can feel can take our events to the next level. What we’ve achieved as a team within the past year has been fantastic. I cannot wait to get more heavily involved and look forward to what this year holds.”

Her aspiration to build a dynamic team has already begun with latest recruit, Samantha Oliver joining the trio as she makes the move from events delivery to events management, after a four-year career helping to deliver over 430 events. 

Image of events coordinator
Samantha Oliver joins the trio as Event Coordinator.

Samantha said: “I cannot wait to get more hands-on with event planning and learn about the logistics of organising an academic event. I have enjoyed my time with events delivery but now I’m ready for a new challenge.” 

The team has also successfully recruited another event coordinator who joins the team in February. 

It comes after an extraordinary year when the events management team have really hit the ball out of the park! In 2022 they brought to life 16 hybrid, in-person and virtual academic conferences, helping to showcase incredible research, and elevate the University’s aspiration to form a part of the top 50 of the world’s leading universities.

Biomag 2022, the renowned international conference was the biggest success of 2022 which attracted over 600 experts in biomagnetism from all over the world. The team helped to formulate a logistical plan alongside the committee to support with its delegate management, abstract submission, sponsors and securing accommodation. All in all, 19 symposiums and more than several inspiring keynote speaker sessions, were held across campus.

Image of the Great Hall during BioMag.
Keynote speaker session taking place at the Great Hall

Event experts like no other!

Are you considering the University of Birmingham for your next academic conference? Get in touch with the Conference and Events team to discuss how we can support you today!

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