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The University of Birmingham is acutely aware of the importance of using sustainable practices when we deliver events.

Research at the University is already pioneering efforts to create sustainable cities of the future, preserving water and tackling air pollution.

At Conferences & events, we want to do our bit – and we know you do too.

Reducing disposables

At events, you’ll always have the option to have food service using crockery and glassware. If plasticware such as serving platters are used for delivered catering, these are cleaned and reused multiple times.

  • Mugs for coffee breaks (larger conferences)
  • No single-use plastics at any bars on campus
  • Eco-cups available across campus
  • Glass bottles of filtered water at meetings
Caterers pouring coffee into mugs while at an event in the Great Hall

Managing food waste

A lot of our catering waste management goes on behind the scenes, from suppliers removing their own packaging to be recycled to zero-plastic sandwich packaging.

  • Food waste sent to anaerobic digestion to create energy
  • Coffee grounds recycled to create fuel logs
  • When used, disposable plates and cutlery are biodegradable

Reducing paper consumption

Events can be very paper-hungry. The team will always support you in reducing the impact of your event.

  • Online maps and event guides
  • Alternatives offered to plastic lanyards, name badges, paper tickets etc
  • Digital signage

Cutting emissions

One of the benefits of holding your event on a busy University campus is the infrastructure already in place to support sustainable living.

  • Security patrol in electric vehicles
  • Electric vehicle charging points on campus
  • Easy access to all venues via University station
People coming out of the University train station