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Conference: Health Education England 2020

Conference: Health Education England 2020

The University of Birmingham was proud to host the Health Education England Conference 2020.

Just one year on from the launch of the NHS Staff and Learners’ Wellbeing Commission, this event placed the mental wellbeing of the future NHS workforce at the centre.

Championing mental wellbeing

The conference is part of a broader plan to ‘make the NHS the best place to work’.

Students, educations, learners and experts gathered for this one-day conference on 13 February 2020 to learn, share experiences and form vital connections across the healthcare system.

The lively programme featured a mix of keynotes, workshops, TED talks, a poster exhibition and awards – and of course plenty of opportunity for informal networking.

Topics included mindfulness and self-care; how to use social media to build supportive networks; sleep; and ‘the language of kindness’.

Adding value

Birmingham is the natural setting for healthcare conferences.

The right location

The University of Birmingham has long worked in close partnership with the NHS. The city is one of just a handful of centres worldwide which provides the full circle of ‘bench to beside’, thanks to the Birmingham Health Partners alliance. This relationship unites groundbreaking research with hands-on care – ensuring a seamless connection between academic and clinical research.

Add in excellent transport links from across the country and a range of flexible centrally-located meeting spaces, and the University of Birmingham is the ideal choice.

Exhibition space, workshops, networking and lunch all in one at the Great Hall


Keynote speeches and TED talks took place in the Bramall, perfect for making a clear statement.

The Great Hall – just a minute’s stroll away – hosted the poster exhibition and a relaxed lunch.

Workshop sessions took place elsewhere in the Aston Webb Building, or a quick walk away across Chancellor’s Court to Staff House.

Michael Tippett HEEWellbeing20 Twitter @NHS_HealthEdEng

Sustainable conferencing

Reducing waste is always a priority for the Conferences & events team at Birmingham. It was a priority for the conference organisers, too.

Together, the team chose a sustainable packed lunch option, with fully recyclable packaging.

Even better, they arranged for any unused lunches to be donated to the local food bank.

Read more about sustainability at Conferences & events

The Bramall #HEEWellbeing20 fromm the official twitter @NHS_HealthEdEng

Event management

Busy researchers and healthcare professionals know the value of conferences – but don’t always have the time and knowledge to take on the legwork involved.

That’s why we provide a tailored event management service with a seasoned professional to manage it all for you.

This event, for example, evolved into a larger conference than initially envisioned – clear evidence of its importance. Having an event manager to navigate those changes, adapt catering plans and ensure room capacity was optimised made it all possible.

Keynote at the Bramall HEEWellbeing20 Twitter @NHS_HealthEdEng

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