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Christmas party planning: 5 ways tech can help

Christmas party planning: 5 ways tech can help

Brace, brace: it’s your turn to organise the work Christmas party. Whether last year’s was a night that’s still talked of warmly round the watercooler or one best forgotten, the pressure’s on.

You might not have a team of elves to help out, but there are plenty of tech solutions to lighten the load. Check out our 5 tech tips for effortless festive fun.

Time it right

Even in a moderately-sized company or department, prepare for a struggle to find a date all staff can make.

Use Doodle to gather available dates. If the only date everyone can make is a Monday evening in mid-November, save yourself the stress and do it all in January. Your budget will go further, and a big thank you to the team is a great way to kick off a new year.
Wine glass and a candle on a table surrounded by flowers

Listen to your team

Keep it about staff, for staff and you can’t go wrong. That means finding out what they’ll think is a great night out with colleagues: one where they’ll all feel included, whether that’s a black-tie dinner or an informal meal before hitting the clubs.

Encourage feedback with SuggestionBox, which allows users to see other’s ideas and vote them up or down. If childcare means everyone’s going home early, or what they’d prefer is a mid-week lunch, you’ll know.

Wine glass on a table decorated with christmas items

Smart invitations

An all-staff email doesn’t say ‘party’.

You could spend time briefing the design team to print up a custom invitation in-house – but there’s no need to spend resources on yet another card that’ll end up in the recycling.

Use Paperlesspost and you’ll have a huge range of beautifully-designed, festive-themed e-vites to choose from. You can track RSVPs and send reminders to the undecided too.
Christmas present

Seating plans made easy

Managing a large guest list into a seating plan doesn’t have to be a headache.

TopTablePlanner is a web-based tool that lets you import your guest list from Excel. Once you’ve set up the room layout, you can rearrange the seating to get the perfect mix, add menu choices, and print simple place cards – and easily share it all with the venue.
Christmas decorations

Free festive fun

Photo booths are a big hit at weddings and events. Add a frames app to Instagram on a staff mobile and spend the first hour or two creating an instant album of fun memories – transformed with snowflakes, Santa hats, stickers and photo frames. Then share the best ones with the team, and on your brand social media.

For iPhone, try InstaChristmas. Apple and Android users, check out Photogrid.
Candles lit in the snow

Still sounds like hard work?

Events planning is a skill. When it’s not your area, call in the experts. University of Birmingham | Conferences & events have a wealth of experience at their fingertips and a range of striking events venues to choose from, across the historic leafy campus. With inclusive catering to suit your tastes, the option of comfortable on-site accommodation, and great transport links by road and rail, you can count on us to conjure up a magical party.

Make your event effortless. Get in touch today.

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