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General, detective or fairytale princess? Find your eventprof personality

Event professionals come with a range of personality types and character traits.

Creative force, or cool head. First on deck in a crisis, or happiest behind the scenes.

Which of these big personalities matches yours?

General Leia

General Leia from Star Wars

You’re the boss, and everyone knows it. You’ve earned respect from years of commitment, dedication and determination. You know how to lead a team: they follow you because they believe in you.

You’ve handled a lot of crises in the past, and you might be a little battle-weary. But you’ve no time for bureaucracy or incompetence. You get the job done, no matter what.

Doctor John Watson

Martin Freeman as Dr Watson from Sherlock

Sidekicks don’t come better than you. You’re dependable, keen to learn, and your skillset and knowledge shouldn’t be underestimated. You’reĀ great at record-keeping, too.

You might not be in the limelight, but the team doesn’t work without you.


Disney's Repunzel

You’re the ultimate manager: all overview, no time on the ground.

You’d like to be closer to the action. But instead you watch over your colleagues from a distance, observing from afar without getting your hands dirty.

Captain Holt

Captain Hold from Brooklyn Nine Nine

Type A: that’s you. The details matter to you, and your life and work are both structured and organised to the letter.

You have equally high expectations of your team at the Brooklyn-99. But you’re compassionate, too: you started where they did, you’ve experienced a lot of challenges, and you’re still open to learning.



Enthusiasm is never in short supply with you on board. You fling yourself into every situation with full commitment and self-belief.

Sure, you don’t always get things right; you rely on the support of friends to fix your mistakes and help you develop. But your creative upbeat spirit lifts up the whole team.

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