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Event planning from start to finish: after the event

The event is over. The hard work is done. All those hours of planning, scheduling and creative collaboration have brought your guests together for a truly memorable occasion. But what happens after the big day?

The follow-up after an event can be as important as the event itself. For Shruti Doshi, Institutes Co-Ordinator in International Relations at the University of Birmingham, it’s fundamental. The launch of the university’s new India Institute was a triumph on the day, without doubt. Through the careful co-ordination of multiple teams, all working to a clear schedule, and all able to adapt to any last-minute changes of plan, the invited guests were treated to a suitably grand experience during the launch ceremony.

Great hall rotunda

Later that evening, members of the public joined the guests as the celebrations continued at the Barber Museum of Fine Arts, with a cultural evening for which tickets sold out well in advance.

But the event’s real success would be measured in how well it raised awareness of the Institute and its aims – on campus, in the city of Birmingham, and internationally.

With their own social strategy supported by the Conferences & events team’s own social media accounts, the India Institute was able to keep the event in view both before, during and after the day itself.

Great hall entrance

India institute twitter screenshot

The Institute’s social media accounts gained new followers before, on the day and in the days after, aided by the vivid quality of photos taken of the flower displays, lighting, and Sampad’s dance and music-led cultural experience at the Barber.

Photo-friendly touches provided by the Conferences and events team, such as the themed photo-frame at the entrance, encouraged visitors to share the experience with their friends.

India institute twitter screenshot

Mainstream media response was similarly positive, with features from publications as varied as Business Birmingham to the Hindustan Times. Key individuals were reached too.

India institute twitter screenshot

And, of course, this event was part of a wider awareness-raising campaign, from curated video to Chancellor Lord Karan Bilimoria’s piece in the Times Higher Education Supplement about the impact of Brexit on future tade deals with India.

There was more to deliver, too, with a second day of events supported by the newly-minted institute. The Diversity in Cancer Genomics workshop took place at Winterbourne House and Garden, with catering for attendees provided in Staff House. The grandeur of the launch party may have been over, but the same care, attention and quality of service was needed for a simple vegan-vegetarian buffet and conferencing facilities.

Throughout the event process, it was a collaboration between Shruti and her colleagues in International Relations, Comms and the Conferences & events team delivering the event on the day. In that spirit, the team gathered during the following days to share feedback – all highly positive! – and to assess what might be adapted for future events to keep them fresh, exciting and always improving.

India institute team gathered in the Great Hall

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this insight into a single event, from start through delivery to finish. Visit again soon for more behind-the-scenes stories from the world of Conferences & events.

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