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2018: a year in review

Catch up on a year of Conferences & events with this video review of 2018. It's been a year of

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Delegate personas in practice

Conference organisers: make your communication better. Use delegate personas to reach your audience when and how they want you to.

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Who’s at your conference? The delegate persona made easy

Delegate personas: a nice-to-have, or a core part of your conference strategy? If it’s the first one, buckle up. The

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What’s your conference USP?

What's your Unique Selling Point? Identify your conference's key value proposition. What are the delegate must-haves that only you can

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UX and CX: how they work together

User experience and customer experience. Now we know what they mean, let's look at how they work together in practice.

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User Experience vs Customer Experience: what’s the difference?

User experience is big news. Make sure you understand exactly what it means with this simple guide.

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What is Customer Experience? Your questions answered

Everyone's talking about it. So what is customer experience? This quick read will make you an instant CX expert.

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How to spend your event budget

Keep control of your costs from the start, with this simple step-by-step guide to event budget planning. No fancy software

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The no. 1 question everyone organising a conference should know how to answer

Pro-tip: it's not what you think.

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