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10 reasons to choose an academic venue for your conference

From eclectic meeting spaces and easy travel to giving back to a community, there's much more to academic venues than

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University of Birmingham joins Venues of Excellence

Two venues at the University of Birmingham are now accredited by Venues of Excellence. Find out why the Great Hall

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Outdoor event planning: a 10-step checklist

10 simple steps to organising a disaster-proof outdoor event, from what to tell your staff to how many toilets you'll

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The 5 best podcasts for event organisers

The top 5 podcasts for conferences and events, giving you free events advice, from experts, to listen to on your

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Pride of Birmingham 2019

The Pride of Birmingham 2019 awards ceremony took place at the Great Hall, University of Birmingham in March. Take a

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What is experiential marketing?

Give your potential event attendee an amazing experience - and build brand awareness, positivity and social reach at the same

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How many canapes should I order? Your top 10 event planning questions answered

What time will people arrive? How many glasses of wine will they drink? What if it rains? Your event planning

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10 wellbeing activities for conferences

Bring wellbeing and wellness to your conference, with these 10 simple activities incorporating mindfulness, movement and play.

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5 ways to make Google work for you

Remember life before Google? In its twenty-year history, Google has embedded itself firmly into our daily lives. Even if you

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