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Desks of event professionals: are you a toothbrush or a tidal wave?

What does your desk say about you?

Psychologists tell us that you can tell a great deal about a person from their desk habits. Messy people are often said to be creative: free thinkers who are able to see solutions clearly, without being distracted by fine details. An orderly desk might indicate an extroverted person, who likes to make others feel welcome in their space.

While there are plenty of other cues to help you understand your colleagues’ distinct personalities, their desk may be a helpful way to unravel why certain people find their office environment a challenge, and others thrive on it.

Below you’ll find the five key types of desk personality. Which one are you?

The Miner

Statue of miners

You work in a tiny space, carved out among the remnants of past jobs and completed tasks. Those walls of books, files and paperwork give an introvert the privacy and security they need – but can look unwelcoming.

On the upside, you’ve probably buried a KitKat or two under all that paper. Get tunnelling!

The Toothbrush


Squeaky clean: that’s your dream. Everything should be neatly lined up and polished to perfection.

The toothbrush gets the job done with efficiency. You’re disciplined, conscientious, and you like your daily routine.

The Bower Bird

Bird nest

Your workspace is half desk, half art gallery. You surround yourself with special mementoes, photographs of loved ones and beautiful plants.

Your environment impacts on your mood, and you spend a lot of time here – so you’ve made it your own. You’re an extrovert, and your space is warm and inviting.

The Tidal Wave

Tide rolling over beach

One desk isn’t enough for you, apparently.

You’ve got a strong personality and you like to assert yourself in the workplace. That includes claiming your personal space – and a good chunk of someone else’s too.

The Astronaut

Astronaut doing a space walk

Desk, what desk?

You keep all your essential life-support tech on you, and enjoy working independently – though you need to know there’s a team backing you up.

The office is far far away, and it’s a big event whenever you make it back down to earth.

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